Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer

So i know we just did Virgil's, but this is part two of our two part voyage of enjoying Virgil's. One thing i failed to mention in the last post is that Virgil's makes several other flavors of soda besides just root beer. However, this is a "Special Edition" root beer that Virgil's makes, and therefore earns the right for me to review it (sorry diet root beers, you do not earn that right).
Now, we already know all the care and effort Virgil's pours into brewing it's root beer. So what makes this one different from their regular recipe? Well let's get into that, shall we?

For starters, the bottle is a lot different. One, it's a lot bigger. In fact, at 24 oz. it's double the size of the standard bottle. It's also shaped differently and has some crazy contraption for a cap. Again, i am taken with the packaging choices Virgil's makes. This is a big bottle of soda, and it's not your typical twist top. It has a ceramic cap with a little clip system to reseal the bottle after you open it. When you first open it, it makes a pop, kind of like a champagne bottle does (only without sending a cork flying across the room and possibly damaging a priceless work of art or sending a pregnant house maid into early labor after been struck in the eye and tumbling down the stairs, as commonly happens when opening a bottle of champagne). I took a video of it and wanted to post it, but unfortunately, i was at work and only had my cell phone as a video camera. And while that might have worked for the Flight of the Conchords, it didn't work so well for me. But i promise to take some proper video footage and post it. I know you're all so eager to see it.

Addendum, 6/11/2010: ok, so it has taken me nearly two years to get this video done, but i am a man of my word and i am posting it in all it's glory. Most likely you have all tried this root beer by this time, being as diligent followers of my word as you all are, but for the new comers, here is what i meant to convey nearly two years ago...

Here's where Virgil's gets me. It's delicious. It's really really good. I would say much better than their regular recipe. It has that nutmeg, pumpkin cookie taste to it, but it's more like a good pumpkin pie with whip cream. The vanilla cream after taste is fantastic, and i really enjoyed it from start to finish. Here's where Virgil's loses me. It's $4.25 a bottle. OUCH! I know it's double the size of a normal bottle, but by that logic, a normal bottle would be over $2. Any way you look at it, that's an expensive bottle of root beer. Now granted, $4.25 isn't going to break the bank, at least not for a well-to-do and classy guy like me, but it's still the principle of it. Should i get a double sized bottle of really good root beer for $4.25, or should i get a six pack of the best root beer on the planet for $4.00 (and sometimes on sale for $2.50)? I think my point is clear. Regardless though, this is a good root beer, and sometimes it's worth paying the price for the experience.

My official review is that Virgil's Special Edition gets 9 (nine) IBCs. This stuff lives up to the tag line on the label. It's really rich and creamy, very smooth, and the over sized bottle is a treat. The price is not, but this is one of those root beers you just have to get every once in a while. I liked it a lot, and i think you will too. And if you don't, kill yourself.

Just kidding.

But seriously, if you're gonna be a butthole like that, you should probably just kill yourself.


Cory & Kristyn McLaws said...

So long time no see Mr. Cosmo…

Hangin’ out bloging and I see you and your wife. Beautiful I might say. Looks like you guys aer having fun, and keeping busy.. I see you guys like to travel. Fun times. Do you guys live in Arizona?

Oh and Im a huge root beer fan.. Im a Hennery Weinhard’s kind of gal myself. But I love Bavarian anything so Im sure it rocked.

Fun to come across your guys’ blogs. J

Dick&Erica said...

I want to try this one! Remind me when we visit.