Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Myer's Avenue Red Root Beer

Hey there root beer enthusiasts, here is your root beer for the day. It's called Myer's Avenue Red Root Beer, and it's brewed out of Naperville, IL by Cripple Creek Brewing. According to the website though, this root beer was first brewed in Cripple Creek, Colorado in 1893 beneath the majestic Cow Mountain, making this one of the older ones i've encountered. You can see details for yourself on their webpage if you care to go there, but this root beer has apparently been sitting silently for the last 100+ years while the world passed by unaware of its existence. So i am not sure how long it has been being produced on a wide scale operation. I do know that i came across this one on my California road trip last summer when i went looking for new root beers. I visited a place in Thousand Oaks (west of Burbank) called Rocket Fizz. It's a retro candy store with tons of old sodas, candy, and so much more from my childhood, and even long before I was born. I even met the owner (I think his name was Rob) who was really nice and very cool about answering my root beer questions. He even gave me a free bottle of Spruce Beer, which is completely white and opaque and tastes like liquid Vicks Vapo-rub. Rob runs a cool store there in Thousand Oaks and is expanding pretty aggressively. Since i talked to him last summer, at least 3 to 4 more stores have opened in California and across the country, including one here in Phoenix now. He asked me if i wanted to open a franchise, but i'm terrible at business so i declined. If you're interested though, there is franchise info on the Rocket Fizz website.

This root beer comes in a clear glass 12 oz bottle, which i have little to no luck with in most cases, and has a really cool label. I think Cripple Creek did a good job on this one. It looks like an old stock certificate or bank note and is very detailed but still simple. The color tone selection gives it the sepia feel of old paperwork or photographs and the font style and set up just work well. Well done on the label. If nothing else, you get extra points for presentation.

The website and label both mention how root beer this is flavored with cinnamon, and it's definitely noticeable. It works very well though, and i actually really like the taste. To be completely honest, it doesn't taste all that much like root beer, but it's not bad still. My wife has been craving french toast a lot lately, so we have been eating it more regularly recently, and to me this root beer tastes like french toast. It's lightly sweet, has good carbonation, and isn't overpowering or unpleasant at all. Again, i would like more of a root beer taste in it, but i can't complain with the flavor they are giving me. A refreshing change from the spate of regular old root beers i have been drinking lately. The website boasts this root beer is responsible for the famous "black cow" root beer float. So if you try this one, maybe you should drop a scoop of ice cream in it and see how that treats you.

My official review is that Myer's Avenue Red Root Beer gets 7 (seven) IBCs. I almost gave it an 8, but kinda hoped for more of a root beer flavor. It's definitely better than many of the mundane root beers out there though. So stop by a Rocket Fizz and grab yourself one.