Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Point Root Beer

I really gotta stop using school as my excuse for slacking off on this blog, but it's true. I have been very busy this semester. The good news is that it's almost over. But more importantly, this post is going to be an exciting one for a few specific reasons. For starters, this is one of the root beers in the mural at the top of my blog. In fact, it is the only one i haven't reviewed at this point besides Pirate's Keg, which as far as i know if off the market completely. The website for Pirate's Keg says that it is served at the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas, NV, but when i went there to get a bottle last year they told me this stuff had been discontinued for quite a while. So if anyone knows any different about Pirate's Keg, i would appreciate the tip. Otherwise, i will consider the mural above "reviewed". Secondly though, and i will say MOST importantly, this root beer is officially the 100TH ROOT BEER REVIEWED! Exciting, right? I know. Yes, it has taken me over two years to do, but that's not important. What's important is that it's an amazing accomplishment for anyone, but especially so because i did it. And i am sure my nemesis is sitting and thinking right now about how he has reviewed far more than me, which is technically true. However, he reviews everything from diet root beers to sarsaparillas to ginger beers. I stick strictly to root beers (as defined by me cuz i'm smart and go to college). So he has a larger pool to draw from. Whatever. Good for him, good for me. He's got is own thing going, and i have mine. (But for the record, my thing is way better.)

Well with that far-too-long introduction out of the way, let's get down to the nitty gritty of this 100th root beer to be reviewed by me. Point Root Beer is no stranger to a lot of people. It is made by the Steven's Point Brewing Co. in Steven's Point, WI and it's been around since 1857. In addition to several alcoholic brews, Point also makes a few other flavors of soda, including vanilla creme, orange creme, black cherry, and the like. According to the website, it's the 5th oldest continuously operating brewery still in existence. They definitely have the history to back them up.

The 12 oz. brown glass bottle carries a lot of prestige in it's label. Very professional and distinguished, as should be expected from a root beer this old and well established. There is a faded background picture of what looks the old brewery littered with people dressed in 1800's attire. They also have a picture of a bearded dude with a pointy head on the back of the label and on the cap named Nicholas C. Point. He looks like a conehead and on the cap he is saying, "pop my top!" (if i had a nickel...). The font is bold and prominent, and the label displays an award from the Beverage Tasting Institute, which i didn't even realize was an actual institution. I'm sure they've seen my work by now and will ask me to head the board soon. Too be honest though, i'm pretty busy as is. Not sure if i want another task on my plate. Suggestions from my loyal readers would be appreciated. I'd like to have a response for them before they contact me.

So how does the 100th root beer taste, you ask? Well, some of the ingredients they boast include pure cane sugar, natural vanilla, and honey, none of which are a real shock to anyone at this point (no pun intended). But what matters is how they all work together in just such a concoction. Well, to be honest, it's quite good. I like few of the root beers that boast a honey taste, but this one works. It's subtle enough to not make me murder a kitten, yet present enough to remind me what IBC must taste like after it's been processed through the human body. The recipe works well, which again must pay tribute to why these guys have been in business so long. I like it. And i think you should too.

My official review is that Point Root Beer gets 8 (eight) IBCs. I was originally thinking a 7, but then i thought, what the heck... it's good enough, right? And given the milestone occasion i am feeling generous. So i bumped it up to an 8 cuz it deserves it. So grab yourself a Point if you get a chance. They make a mighty fine brew.

Happy 100 to me!