Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bawls Guarana Root Beer

Before i start with this, i am just going to say that from the name of this root beer, there is an obvious direction this review could take. However, i am electing to take the high road. All i will say is that from the website, the "mascot" for Bawls is this. (insert your own joke here) Anyway... Bawls is a relatively new company that includes guarana in all its drinks. Really, this should be considered a type of energy drink, or an alternative to an energy drink. Kind of a wierd concept. The website said it was looking for a drink that's an alternative to coffee. This means that this root beer contains caffeine, and a lot of it. There is even a warning label on the back of the bottle which reads, "Warning: This product contains high levels of caffeine." The company has deemed this "geek beer" (but written G33K B33R, because words that include numbers mean this product helps you improve on your math skills). I guess it's supposed to vitalize your mind or something, or so they claim.

The bottle is crazy. It's kind of a wierd shape. Long and skinny with a bulbous top, plus it has little bumps all over it (you can make them out in the picture). It's also only 10 oz., because aparently even the company thinks you shouldn't have too much of this stuff. I read on their site that their sodas are also available in color changing cans. So, you know... that's novel.

To be honest, it doesn't taste bad. I was expecting the kind of sickly sweet/mediciney taste you get from typical energy drinks. But this isn't a typical energy drink. It just taste like regular root beer. Not bad at all, except the flavor doesn't last very long and kinda falls flat quickly. Nothing specifically struck me as special or unique about it, except that moments after i drank it i had a huge amount of caffeine coursing through my veins. I am just glad i drank it in the morning. It is a great alternative to energy drinks if you don't like the taste of the typical energy drink.

My official review is that Bawls gets 5 (five) IBCs. It's just a typical tasting root beer, and i am rating it on taste. The high levels of caffeine aren't a big selling point for me, although i wouldn't mind something like this to stay awake on long drives or whatever. The taste is just good all by itself. Just don't drink a bunch of them close together, and that's not just me saying that... it's the company too (and probably your doctor). It packs a punch when it comes to caffeine, that's for sure. It also gives a crash when it all wears off. Hey... you can't win them all. So pick one up if you need some pick me up.

(p.s. that tagline is mine... i just made that. Maybe they'll buy it from me.)

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