Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dr. Brown's Root Beer

Dr. Brown's is a pretty common brand also, but i can't seem to find out where exactly it's produced. The source of all truth in the universe says that Dr. Brown's is made in the New York City region, and that's good enough for me (even though i question the distribution through Pepsi a little). But right on the bottle we can see that it's been around since 1869, so it has a rich history. Another point Wikipedia makes is that it commonly found in deli's, which is the one place i can for sure remember getting Dr. Brown's here in AZ. Dr. Brown's makes several different flavors, including a celery flavored soda. Not a fan, i'll just say that.

The bottle is a standard size, but it's clear, which i find is fairly uncommon for a root beer. Usually they are dark brown colored glass bottles. I don't think that makes a difference in the drink or anything, but it's worth noting in my opinion. The Label is also a clear sticker, but it has the logo in the center, some writing on the sides, etc. The picture in the middle is different for each flavor of drink, usually a scene of a building or park area with people, and are scenes of promenant locations in and around NYC. You can look here for more details on that cuz i don't really care to go into it. Unfortunately, the picture in this post is very blurry, and it's hard to make out which scene it is*. But if you see them in the store or online, you will see how the scene changes from flavor to flavor.
* i looked at a bottle of this when i went back to the Pop Shop and it appears to be a picture of an ice cream parlour in NYC. There are words on the bottom of the picture explaining what you're looking at, which is quite helpful when you think about it.

It has a decent taste. Nothing to write home about. It has a bit wintergreen to it and has an slight aftertaste like you just spit mouthwash. But it's not gross or unpleasant at all. I didn't mind Dr. Brown's, but it's kind of a middle of the road root beer as far as i'm concerned.

My official review is that Dr. Brown's gets 5 (five) IBCs. It certainly has staying power and is part of a rich tradition around the NYC area, but i wasn't too impressed with it over all. If it were my only option, i certainly wouldn't turn it down, but i also wouldn't go out of my way for it. Like i said, it's pretty common though and shouldn't be too hard to find if you're a fan specifically.

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