Friday, November 7, 2008

Boylan Root Beer

This is the last kind of root beer we sampled while in NY. Boylan Bottling Company is a New Jersey based bottling company that has been around since 1891. They pride themselves on being a family run business for over a century, as well they should. Good for you Boylan. They too make several kinds of soda, but again, the root beer was all i was interested in.

Another typical bottle, nothing super special about the label. It has a sort of retro look to it as well. Maybe it's something with east coast companies or NY or small time or whatever, but these bottles were also sold in 4-packs instead of 6-packs for about $5.50. It's not super cheap, but it was convenient that there were four of us, so it was a good fit.

The taste was a little perplexing. Not bad, but not at all root beer. It would be like buying a gallon of milk that tastes like orange juice. And by now i realize that root beer can have many different themes and flavors associated with it, but this stuff tasted like straight black licorice with a kind of cotton candy after taste. I am not really a fan or black licorice or cotton candy, but i am a fan of root beer. That's what had me confused. I'm not sure how they can call this root beer. It tasted nothing like it. I do give them credit though because the bottle says it's kosher, so to any of my numerous Jewish readers, i recommend this non-root beer drink.

My official review is that Boylan's gets 4 (four) IBCs. Not what i expected. Again, it wasn't bad for a soda whose primary flavors i don't care for in the first place. But come on, when i buy a root beer, i want a root beer. You'll have to see for yourself i guess.


Dick Smith said...

Not to criticize your post or you blog (heavens knows if you do it on my blog I will make you look like a complete retard), but I disagree about your opinion of the label. Not only is it plainly stated on the label that this is a Kosher beverage, but at the bottom of the label it claims "Best Head". This attention to detail deserves at least an honorable mention if not enough to give it another IBC.

To whom it may concern... said...

*Sigh*... i'll go ahead and reiterate it again. your comments and opinions are not needed, and indeed, make no difference to me. My blog is to express my own opinion, which is absolute. I have no interest in your input, so do everyone a favor and keep it to yourself.
Don't you have to get back to watching people crap themselves? And i don't mean your kids.

p.s. i miss you Richard. Hope your family is well.