Monday, November 10, 2008

Olde Brooklyn Root Beer

Olde Brooklyn Root beer is distributed by White Rock Beverages out of Whitestone, NY. White Rock also bottles Sioux City and it's own line of White Rock sodas and spritzers. There are little facts about when it's production was started and what makes this stuff so special. Well i'll just break it to you now... it isn't. Basically it reminds me almost exactly of Dr. Brown's, but it's like a cheap substitute. There are several similarities i can see between the two, starting with where they are from. Dr. Brown's was established in the NYC region. The bottle of this root beer does at least say it was born in Brooklyn, which i probably should have assumed without being told based on the name alone.

Now take a loot at the bottles... I have only reviewed one other root beer with a clear bottle so far; Dr. Brown's. Not only that, but Dr. Brown's has pictures of prominent locations in the NYC area printed on the clear sticker labels. Olde Brooklyn has the Brooklyn Bridge (a prominent location in the NYC area) printed on each bottle on a clear sticker label. Hmm... Anything else similar?

Yup. It even tastes an awful lot like Dr. Brown's. No, it's not a dead ringer, but it has a bit of a wintergreen taste and is quite sweet, as well as has the same tinge of just spitting out mouthwash aftertaste as Dr. Brown's. This stuff is a fair bit more watery though, and has hardly any carbonation. It's not overpoweringly sweet, but the sweetness of it is almost emphasised by the wateriness of the drink itself.

My official review is that Olde Brooklyn gets 3 (three) IBCs. It's just not good. It's a bad copy of Dr. Brown's at best, and at worst, it's a cheap attempt at saving money on carbonation and originality. My guess is this thing is mostly stocked in the same areas as Dr. Brown's, like it's Dr. Brown's weird, stalker-ish secret admirer who just wants to be acknowledged. But Dr. Brown knows as soon as he even says "hi", Olde Brooklyn with think they're the best of friends, and Dr. Brown can't have that. He's a free swingin', high dealin' dude with goals and aspirations. Olde Brookie is just gonna get in the way, draggin' him down, and that's why Olde Brooklyn will always be alone in his life, sad and miserable.

It almost makes you feel bad for Olde Brooklyn, until you remember how he's a low life who tried to steal your girlfriend. Jerk...

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