Saturday, November 8, 2008

Iron Horse Root Beer

This has to be one of the most elusive root beers i have tried to research. I can usually pull up something off the internet about each one, but the only info i can get about this one is right off the bottle. I couldn't find a website at all, and even other websites that sell Iron Horse have very little to say about the company itself. Iron Horse Root Beer is bottled in Edina, MN. That's about all i can tell you. It's a shame too, cuz this one is a gem.

First, i totally dig the bottle. It's a little more short and stout than traditional bottles. for some reason i just like that. It looks more sturdy. I don't know. I'm lame. Anyway, as you can see on the label, it proudly displays a locomotive, or "iron horse". Get it? Clever, right? It's bold, it's simple, and it's direct. I like it.

One down side i found was on one of the sites that distributes the soda. It has Iron Horse listed for $8.29 for a 6-pack. OUCH! However, 1) that is the internet, and 2) you can also order a 24-pack for only $30 (plus tax & shipping). so it looks like bulk is the way to go if you plan on ordering some. It very well may be cheaper in grocery stores locally, but i just don't know which ones would sell it. So that might be a crap shoot.

But let's talk taste. Wow... this stuff is good. In fact, those were my exact words after my first taste. It's rich, bold, and has a strong carmel taste to it. I was immediately impressed with it. If that were the only price you could find it for, it would be worth it.

Now look... i know i have been pretty harsh on you Weinhard's fans. Mostly because you've boughten into the lie and are completely retarded. But let me be completely frank with you for just a moment and extend an olive branch to you.

(real quick, that link is for two reasons. 1. I love It's great. 2. being a Weinhard's fan, you're clearly too stupid to understand what that gesture means.)

Ok, but really, hear me out. I have read the reviews in favor of Weinhard's, and they will often say things like "smooth", "bold", "creamy", etc. Well guess what, this root beer is all of those things as well. I have had Weinhard's before, and really, i think this tastes a lot like Weinhard's except it's not sticky/sickly sweet and candy corn flavored. I think this would be an easy transition for you to break away from the awful, evil grasp Weinhard's has on your judgement. All you would need to do is finally admit that it is TOO sweet and tastes like candy corn, and then swear off Weinhard's for good and begin enjoying real root beer without being under Weinhard's tyranny. I'm serious. You can do this, and i'm here to help.

My official review is that Iron Horse gets 9 (nine) IBCs. I mean it when i say i'm a fan of this stuff. It's not messing around. These guys keep it simple and know what they're doing. It's very good from start to finish. Of course, IBC is still better by leagues, but really... this is as close as any other root beer is going to get.


Lafe & Bea Wiltbank said...

Is the soda shop the best place to get this stuff?

Whimpey Family said...

in the whimpey family rootbeer review this was rated the #1 rootbeer among the masses.
my mom says its a mild vanilla flavor, very yummy with just enough fizz.