Monday, November 10, 2008

Buckin' Root Beer

This is another one we found in the Soda Shop, although i talked with a colleague who said she and her husband were in Jackson Hole, WY (where this root beer is from) and picked up some of this very same root beer. Buckin' Root Beer is part of the Jackson Hole Soda Co. I am not sure when they started brewing as their website is quite basic and lacks information about the company itself. What i did find is that they produce several flavors of soda portraying a kind of cowboy/pioneer spirit on each label. It seems like a small local operation that caters to nearby regions.

The label is colorful and shows a picture of a bullrider being thrown from a bull. It looks like an actual photograph, or an adaptation of one. There are also some sheriff badges on the sides of the label with the company name and logo. It's a real wild west, open range, cattle rancher kind of deal. Makes me want to wrestle some livestock and dress up in wranglers. I'd look good.

I liked the taste of this root beer. It's not necessarily an original flavor, but it's good. It has a sharp, yet subtle wintergreen taste at the beginning and an aftertaste of homemade root beer, like what it tastes like when it's homemade with dry ice for carbination. It's a good flavor and a good all around root beer.

My official review is that Buckin' gets 7 (seven) IBCs. I can appreciate this root beer. It reminded me a bit of Teddy's, but not as much wintergreen flavor. And i'm not really into the whole cowboy/country music thing, but i think bullriding is definitely for men, and so is this root beer. It's a good one and i'd recommend it if you're near Jackson Hole (or the Soda Shop).


Dick Smith said...

Stop. You would look terrible, as usual.

Whimpey Family said...

in the whimpey family rootbeer review this placed third. I (jenn) LOVE this stuff. it was number one and i'm still mad you gave it a 7. my mom thought it was GROSS. no fizz and too much of a kick, but she is old. julia says it was too sugary. it was erika's favorite as well. change the score to 8 atleast... i will love you more.