Friday, November 7, 2008

Teddy's Root Beer

My wife brought me home this one to review first because she had found a 1 liter bottle of it at Safeway for only 75 cents. Well for that kind of price, you can't pass it up, right? Teddy's Root Beer doesn't have a site yet, but there is one under construction. I'll need to come back and update this once it's up and running. In the mean time, i am unsure of when it began being produced, or really much else except that it hales from Washington state.

Teddy's has a picture of a cartoon lookin guy in a cowboy hat on the front, and has kind of an Old West look to it. At least, i think that's what they were going for. Other than that, it's a normal cheap plastic bottle. At 75 cents a liter, i had low expectations for this guy, but i was pleasantly surprised. I will say this, it is heavy on the wintergreen, but i happen to like wintergreen the most of all the magical mint kingdom.
I wish i had a picture of the mint kingdom. I wonder what it would look like. Hmm...

Well anyway, it has a good flavor through and through, especially with a heavy wintergreen aftertaste. I found it quite enjoyable.

My offical review is that Teddy's gets 7 (seven) IBCs. While i was looking up info about Teddy's, i stumbled across another fake root beer reviewer's site where he gave it 6 out of 10, and then said "nothing special, too much wintergreen". My review is that his review has too much stupid in it. If it's so crappy, why give it a 6? Do you see the kind of low standards i have to deal with? So i had to at least do him a one up. This is a good drink, and i give it my "Best Value" award seeing as it is so cheap. If you see some of this in the store, go ahead and get you some.


J said...

Ever since picking up a bottle myself at the local market (where everything is overpriced, yet this was pleasantly purchasable) I've been hooked on this root beer (and their cream soda, if you're so inclined to try it). The only thing I can add to your apt review would be that the cartoonish figure is most likely Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt during his Rough Rider days with the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment.

I bet he had more of a thing for sarsaparillas.

Julie- Art Director said...

I would really like to get a bottle of Teddy's root beer, but am not sure where to find it. Any advice?

clem said...

We get Teddy's at the Dollar Tree here in Mayberry West. After reading this site, I feel a bit ripped off, but I'll still gladly spend a buck a bottle. We get 2 cases every coupla weeks.

Chris said...

I ran into Teddys Root Beer last summer in Granite Falls and found it to be enjoyable and it has no caffeine. I give it 5 stars!
Also they make diet, Orange Cream, some kind of strawberry and Cream Soda!

I have found these priced anywhere from $1 to $1.79(Shame on you Granite Falls).

All of the drinks are tasty and do deserve a taste.
I hope this company survives!!!
***** rating!!!

Kayla Fisher said...

Almost two years since the last comment and I find Teddy's is still holding it's own! I first found this at a Plaid Pantry in Portland, the only place I've seen it so far, but will now check the Dollar Tree and have heard rumors of WinCo carrying it as well. Plaid seems to have trouble keeping it in stock, probably because it's a surprise in the root beer world, especially for it's price! It does have a strong flavor, so if A&W is your favorite I wouldn't recommend it (A&W seems incredibly bland and watered down in comparison) but if you like Barqs, or even some of the stronger 'boutique' root beers then I think you'll like this.

Katrina McClinton said...

Omg it is the best root beer soda I ever had.It gives u a hugh burp lol jus like Verners Ginger Ale Soda. The best two soda!