Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dog n Suds Root Beer

Just as i suspected, Dog n Suds is actually a restaurant that just sells its root beer commercially. The Dog n Suds Root Beer site is here (i think this is just a tribute site) and the restaurant's site is here. It is located in Lafayette, IN. I am not going to get into a lot of the history of the diner itself, but Dog n Suds opened in 1956 and is still in operation today. If you want more particulars about the history, you can look on their site. I'm not about to do any favors for anyone from Indiana. You know who lives in Indiana? Serial killers. I'll just keep to myself, thank you.

It's a pretty standard bottle. The logo features a cartoon dog in a chef's hat with a hot dog and a pitcher of root beer. This is the same logo the restaurants use. It's fairly plain other than that. I wish i had more to say about it. But... i don't. Soooooooo... yeah.

You're probably asking, "how does it taste, Cosmo?" Well, it tastes like root beer. Just plain old root beer. Nothing particularly special about it. I know you're probably itching for more of a discription than that, so if i had to say something else i would say since it's from Indiana (home of serial killers), it tastes like murder. Yup, root beer and murder. I think i nailed it on this one guys.

My official review is that Dog n Suds gets 5 (five) IBCs. It's a really regular little root beer. Nothing stands out about it. Maybe the food is good at the restaurant, but i doubt i will have reason to go to Indiana any time soon to find out. I know, i know... looking at their site, they have other locations outside of Indiana. But the midwest isn't a prime real estate location for me, so i doubt i'll ever find out. Anyway, if you want a plain old root beer, go ahead and pick one of these up. Not bad, but not great.

On a completely unrelated note, my wife is watching Top Chef (i hate all reality TV shows), and one of the chef's is named Fabio. How unfortunate.

That's all.

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