Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dad's Root Beer

This is another fairly popular brand that can be picked up in a lot of different places. Dad's Root Beer was started in 1937 in Chicago, IL. Some background behind the name is that the brand was marketed as a "family" for a while. You could buy Dad's sizes in Papa, which was a full gallon, Mama was a quart, and Junior was 7 oz. or 10 oz*. It's a name that really recognizable. Always makes me think of #1 Dad T-shirts...
*i had to update this as my facts about the sizes were incorrect originally. Just trying to maintain some integrity. Richard, i hope you're proud. Now stop leaving comments and scaring away my readers.

It's a typical bottle in every way. The label is pretty stark and colorful. The website shows a much more updated looking design and decal, but it still remains true to the original color base and font.

When i tasted it, it immediately reminded me of Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer (see my previous posts for a review of JBDR). It has that same nutmegy taste, although it's not nearly as heavy as JBDR's. Again, it's a good flavor, but not one that i can drink a lot of at one time.

My official review is that Dad's gets 6 (six) IBCs. It's so similar to Jack Black's that i can't reasonably rate it higher or lower. It's not as rich, but it's still similar enough in taste. And although i like the taste, i can't handle much of it.

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anthony said...

actually the sizes were "Papa," "Mama," and "Jr" but they were all Dad's Root Beer first and foremost. happy to help!