Sunday, November 9, 2008

Route 66 Root Beer

Route 66 Root Beer began being brewed in 1996 under the Route 66 Soda & Bottling Co., so it's a relative "new comer" as root beers go. The actual road extends from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA and carries quite a rich history and tradion. Route 66 makes itself available in all the states this road goes through as kind of a tribute or whatever. Do you care? Me neither. I grew up right outside a little stretch of Route 66 in Northern Arizona, and i could care less about it. Route 66 has a big pull and a lot of people came through my town just to see it. They were subsiquently fleeced by our local shops for all the garbage they peddled. I have seen more Route 66 tourist crap than one guy can handle. Post cards, shot glasses, t-shirts, bumper stickers, playing cards, etc etc. This just seems like another attempt to capitalize on the "brand".

The bottle is standard and the label has the oh so familiar road sign icon with "Route Beer 66" written on it, which i will give them credit for. It was clever. And then their take on the famous tagline made famous by the song, "get your kicks with Route 66 Beer" is across the bottom of the label, something i was more than expecting to find somewhere on the bottle. Whatever. Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of the situation, shall we?

It's bad. Really bad. I don't like it at all. I had a hard time trying to decide what it really tastes like. My wife kept insisting that it tastes like "morning breath", which is a fair description. However, i quickly reminded her that this is "Cosmo's Root Beer Reviews" and not "Jenn's Root Beer Reviews". Now, i love my wife, but i think all guys can agree that you need to put them in there place once in a while or else they'll try and rise up to take control of the situation. Well no one puts Baby in a corner. So i'm happy to say the situation was quickly handled (point for me). But back to the review. What this awful root beer really tastes like is fruit that is just one or two days past being good and has started to ferment a little. It's like rotten fruit. My wife suggested peaches, to be specific, which seems fair enough to me.

My official review is that Route 66 gets 1 (one) IBC. I still hate Weinhard's more, specifically because of it's retarded fan base, which makes me scared to ever meet a Route 66 fan. What kind of argument could they have? This stuff is just plain bad. Fan of the road or not, this stuff sucks.

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