Sunday, November 9, 2008

AJ Stephan's Root Beer

AJ Stephan's was started in 1926 in Boston, MA. Their website includes a little logo of a cartoon dude holding a bottle of soda. Not sure why he didn't make it on to the bottle design also. This is another company that produces many different flavors of soda that are all good in their own way. I am particularly fond of their birch beer.

Looking at the bottle, again it's in a shorter, stout 12 oz. bottle. For some reason i favor these. I just like them more. Can't really put my finger on it. But anyway, the label has an old 40's or 50's retro feel to it, and the cartoon dude on their website looks like a typical business man of the day.

I dig the taste of this soda. It's a good, classic root beer flavor. No real flare or speciality, but it's good. Really good. Not just a middle of the road root beer. It's classic taste is elevated to a higher class. While it's just ordinary root beer, it's more than just ordinary root beer. I believe they call that a paradox. Or something to that effect.

My official review is that AJ Stephan's gets 7 (seven) IBCs. I've been really impressed with the caliber of drinks these guys put out in all flavors, and their root beer is no different. These guys are good, so definitely grab some if you come across it.


Dick Smith said...

You love short stubby things. Enough said.

Whimpey Family said...

in the whimpey family rootbeer review this came in 4th. julia said it was dull and not fizzy enough. mom said BLAH. they are tough critics.