Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gene Autry Root Beer

This root beer is bottled and distributed by Rocket Fizz as part of their line of root beers and sodas named after celebrities. I don't know much about Gene Autry other than he was a country singer, something i am definitely not an expert about. I don't even possess a remotely reputable opinion about country music in general, not to mention the works of the late Gene Autry. So for that reason, this was simply another root beer on my check list. Not something that got me excited like the Judge Wapner root beer (also by Rocket Fizz). In fact, i know so little about Gene Autry that when i went to the source of all truth to learn a little more about the man, i was surprised to learn that he was really more of a 1940's and 50's television and movie star than a country music star. And i was even MORE surprised to learn he performed several CLASSIC Christmas songs, and even wrote one himself. So it seems like there is a lot more to this guy than i am giving credit. I suppose he deserves his own posthumously awarded root beer.

The Label is a simple black and white photo of classic Gene Autry, posing in his cowboy get up with a horse. His name is spelled out in font that resembles lasso rope. It's very simple but very striking. I've come to find out his image is so iconic that it inspired generations of kids to dress up like cowboys, though before doing this review i would not have been able to determine who he was just by looking at a photo of him. The label is fitting for the man. Not really indicative of root beer other than saying the words "root beer" below his name, but i'm not gonna hold that against this one.

Oh that this beverage were half as great as the man himself. I don't know much about the guy but have at least a little respect for him now, and it pains me that his legacy is somewhat tarnished by this unappealing root beer. It's really not great. Sweetened with cane sugar, though the base flavors are not easily identified. It's a little spicy, but rather watery and overall just kinda tastes like bad fruit and leave a gross aftertaste. It's a shame that they used this opportunity to further immortalize a music and film legend with a very substandard root beer.

My official review is Gene Autry Root Beer gets 4 (four) IBCs. And that's being generous. I thought maybe a 5 based on the merits of the man, but i can't let that slide. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone as a way to quench their thirst. Maybe for the Gene Autry fan and memorabilia collector, but not to anyone looking to enjoy a good solid root beer. Hopefully the root beer they name after me when i die is no where near this terrible.

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