Thursday, June 16, 2016

Barton Springs Root Beer

Well... there's nothing quite like writing a root beer review while lying in bed next to a crib with a screaming toddler that won't go to sleep. This might be brief before i commit premeditated babycide. Barton Springs Root Beer comes from Austin, TX and is named after the fresh water springs located there. I couldn't find a website for the Barton Springs Soda bottling company which brews and bottles a few different flavors of soda, but i did find some pictures online of the springs themselves. Very serene and pretty looking. Ocala, FL, where i lived for the last 3 years, has about a dozen of these little fresh water springs all around. They are fun to visit under the right circumstances. The water is crystal clear and fairly cold year round and there is lots of wildlife and stuff to see. Barton Springs seems like a nice place on a hot day.

This root beer came to me in a clear 12 oz glass bottle with a very colorful label. I would say it relies heavily on the pastels and Easter colors. In total it's a very simple design, but the bright colors saves it for the most part. I wish i had more to comment on, but i don't. Plus... this baby isn't making it any easier on me to think of more inane things to say about this label. It's fine. Overall i like it i suppose.

Barton Springs Root Beer is sweetened with pure cane sugar, and it shows. It's a very sweet drink, although the flavor is still a touch too watered down for my liking. I get a hint of anise in there, but otherwise it's not very distinctive. In fact, the more i drink it the less i like it. It's average at best, maybe even a little below average. Maybe if you drank one of these things while visiting Barton Springs it would taste better, like how Chinese food tastes better when you eat it using chopsticks.

My official review is that Barton Springs Root Beer gets 5 (five) IBCs. Full disclosure, i'm actually writing this after the fact. I drank this in the Tampa airport before boarding the plane that would move me and my family back to Arizona. Plus, we had just eaten at the airport TGIFriday's and it was all very rushed, so i may not be giving this thing a fair shake. But still, it really didn't do it for me, and the only thing i can blame for that is the root beer itself.
Now if you'll excuse me, i have a baby to murder. My next post will likely be from prison.

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