Monday, April 23, 2012

Frostop Root Beer

Today's root beer comes from way back. Frostop was a line of popular drive-ins back in the 1950s, but the root beer itself was actually first made and sold back in 1926 in Springfield, OH. The website has a little more detail about the history in case you're interested. My brother in Salt Lake City actually just text me to see if i had this one, but i had already found and ordered it from the Sodapop Warehouse. It's a decent site with lots of root beers for order. This isn't the most ideal way to get root beers because after buying them individually and having them shipped, it can get pretty expensive. That's why it's not really worth it unless you order about 12 or so at a time. The nice thing about it is that you can get one of each and can mix and match that way. Availability for root beers is sometimes quite limiting for those of us trying to give the general public a professional overview of what's out there. Looking at the Frostop site a little more, it looks like this stuff is pretty popular in the Midwest but can still be found scattered around the U.S. Just nowhere near me.

This root beer came in a 12 oz. dark brown glass bottle, but it is also available in a 1-liter plastic bottle in various locations. The label has a fancy drive-in pictured with the logo proudly plastered across the bottom of it with the tag line "nothing tops it... but the foam!" It even has a little label around the neck that says this stuff is top rated. They take themselves quite seriously and almost dare you to try and not like them. No humblebrag here... just brag.

Well i'd like to say i can refute all the good things this root beer has to say about itself, but alas i cannot. It's good. It's really good. It is really rich and creamy and has a great aftertaste. It's also sweetened with cane sugar and has good carbonation. I have to say, this is one of the better ones i have had lately. Hopefully it's more widely available than i have previously found it to be because i don't want to have to keep ordering this stuff online. For how good it really is, that could get expensive.

My official review is that Frostop gets 8 (eight) IBCs. I really don't know why i even bother mentioning this since no one cares, but i let my wife weigh in on this one and she was surprised i rated it so highly. She said its good, but she didn't think it was that good. Truthfully, i was debating giving it a 9. But i think i made the right decision by leaning the direction of my wife. It's good, but not a 9 good. However, i think it is definitely deserving of an 8. I liked this one quite a bit. Give it a shot because i think you'll like it too.

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