Sunday, June 14, 2009

Frostie Vanilla Root Beer

I'm probably going to keep this post short. They have been running long recently, which i apologize for, and i am currently in summer school and inundated with homework at the moment. Besides, this is basically an extension of the previous review i did on Frostie Root Beer. Frostie has been around since about 1939 and is based in Temple, TX. The regular root beer is not too bad, but nothing particularly exciting. Most of what i have read about Frostie is that it isn't the same as it was back in the day. But anyway, they made another flavor of root beer which they've named Frostie Vanilla Root Beer, so obviously i had to try it.

The same Frostie label/bottle is used for the vanilla root beer, the only difference being the tan and creme colored back ground and the replacement of the mug of root beer with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and a root beer float/sundae. Otherwise, we're dealing with the same cup of tea here (not that it contains tea; I'm not gonna fall for that again).

The name and color of this soda are a bit misleading, mainly because it should be cream colored and called cream soda. That's what this stuff is, Frostie Cream Soda. Now before we run into a big fiasco and start pointing the finger and assaulting my integrity (see last post on A&W Float for details), let me just say that 1) i am including this in my reviews because i can. So deal with it. And 2) there is nothing short of tasting this soda that would make me believe it was a cream soda. I mean, sure, i could read other reviews about it to see what other reviewers think, but starting this blog was based entirely on the fact that these other self appointed experts have no idea what they are talking about. Hence, i cannot trust them, and neither can you for that matter. So with that, i will just say, it's a good tasting cream soda. Lots of vanilla flavor and decent carbonation (which is important to me). It reminds me a lot of IBC Cream Soda, which is good and which i like, but it's not as good as IBC Root Beer. In fact, nothing is. Cream sodas are fine, but they lack the fascinating complexity of root beer, which is yet another reason i don't care to review them (on purpose).

My official review is that Frostie Vanilla Root Beer gets 5 (five) IBCs. It's not bad for not being a real root beer. I don't begrudge it at all, i just wish it wasn't afraid to say what it really is. There's nothing wrong with being a cream soda. I just don't want one of my daughters to date one. Know your place cream soda. That's all i'm saying.

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