Sunday, December 14, 2008

Zuberfizz Creamy Root Beer

This little root beer with a funny name comes from Durango, CO and has been around since 2002. Zuberfizz Soda Company makes sodas in several flavors and distributes them all over the west, but mostly just within Colorado. I have actually tried a different flavor soda by this company and it wasn't bad. I have also been to Durango several times to do some snowboarding. The little town is knows for Purgatory Ski Resort, which is a lot of fun if you're into that kind of thing. Big Jeff even owns a time share there. It's a quaint little town that tries to be big, but maintain it's small town reputation. Oh... and Zuberfizz makes root beer there.

It comes in a stout 12 oz. bottle and has a colorful, modern, and well done label. Big font, soda cap design in the background and along one side (you can't see in this picture), and a good match of bright and dark colors. Not that the colors of the label have much to do with the taste of the root beer, but i (the expert) thought it was worth mentioning.

Zuberfizz is another one of those companies that is big time into the cane sugar idea. So all their sodas are made with cane sugar. That's fine, i like cane sugar sodas for the most part, but i don't usually go out of my way for them or anything. Another ingredient they use, at least in their root beer, is honey, which is why Zuberfizz tastes a lot like Thomas Kemper to me. It's not nearly as strong as Thomas Kemper, and there is much more of a root beer taste before the honey after taste, but over all, i didn't like it all that much.

My official review is that Zuberfizz gets 5 (five) IBCs. It was fine for what it is, and i would drink it over Thomas Kemper, but i am not really a huge fan of the honey taste. However, if you do like the honey taste, i think Zuberfizz at least does it right. It's not overpowering and it's not a bad compliment to the rest of the root beer flavor. Ultimately though, i would go for something a bit different or try one of their other flavors.

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