Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sea Dog Root Beer

I have seen this one around, on different websites and even on display in a restaurant. Sea Dog Root Beer is similar to other root beers that are actually restaurants selling their root beers commercially, except that Sea Dog started out as a brewery and moved into the restaurant business later. It is centered in Maine and was started in the town of Camden in 1993. Sea Dog also brews beers and competes internationally with its brews.

The 12 oz. bottle has a picture of a lovable little dog on the label wearing a longshoreman's hat. That is just so tender. Awww... Anyway, his name is Barney, and he is a Great Pyrenees breed. The website speaks very affectionately of Barney and maintains that he embodies the spirit of their brews, including their root beer. Oh, and also he's dead. Just thought i should mention that.

I am not a fan of Sea Dog. Now, i have never been to Maine and don't really intend to make plans to do so anytime soon, but if i do, maybe i will stop by the restaurant and give it a whirl. But as far as the root beer is concerned, i am not interested. It has that base black licorice flavor that i am just not a fan of. I will say though, they don't go over board with it. It's fairly mellow and i appreciate that. I also swear i taste a hint of honey in the after taste, but i didn't see anything about honey mentioned in the ingredients. Either way though, it wasn't what i was looking for in a root beer.

My official review is the Sea Dog gets 4 (four) IBCs. It's not terribly done, but at its core it is not my favorite blend of flavors. I am sure there is a market for it out there though and some people just rave about it. Maybe it's up your alley, maybe not. But as far as i'm concerned, i don't think i'll have it again any time soon.

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