Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've Made It!

Well kids, i've got exciting news for you all! I've finally hit the big time. My reviews are getting nationwide acclaim. Need proof? Do yourself a favor and open a Google search browser and type in "root beer reviews". You'll see a little screen like this...

That's right folks... my root beer blog is on the first page of a Google search. Granted, it's at the very bottom of the first page, but with YOUR HELP, it can be one of the first authorities people turn to for honest, biased, reliable root beer reviews, just as they should be. People need this info, so tell your friends to come check out the blog. Comments are always welcome, but just know if you disagree with me that you are clearly wrong.

Thanks for the support everyone, and all i can really say is... Spike... Anthony... watch you back.

1 comment:

anthony said...

i will be watching my back although i did the search and did not get your page for the first 20 results pages... are you sure you are not seeing "search results personalized for you?"
since google does that, based on what pages you have clicked or gone to before.
i know my rank is much higher before i remove that "feature".

i don't think Spike has updated in well over a year and then it was a couple years before that when he was actually kind of active.
so you and me seem to be about the only active ones out there.
maybe that Eric guy when he is not on some church mission. or the root beer brothers if they ever re-appear.

good luck though, fine work so far.